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  Aluminum is a very lightweight metal, about one third the weight of steel. It is very strong and exhibits a very high strength to weight ratio. It is a very durable metal, yet easy to work with. It can easily fabricated, formed, welded, riveted or bolted. It dose not rust, it is easy to work with and produces a highly reflective, attractive finish.
            Aluminum is resistant to corrosion and attack by most chemicals. The dark gray oxide that forms on the outer surface of aluminum, unlike rust in iron, protects the basic metal.
            If aluminum is subjected to a commercial process, anodizing, it forms aluminum oxide, one of the hardest man-made substances, through an electro-chemical process that thickens the coat of aluminum, often from .5 mils to 6 mils. This increases the durability, and often, the visual appeal of the aluminum.
            Most aluminum used in visible parts or applications is lacquered or coated, anodized or painted. Any parts that receive the most abrasion from traffic should be anodized. Anodizing superior abrasion resistance will out last paint on many typical applications.



            While it dose not rust, aluminum will oxidize. This oxidation appears as white residue and pitting. Aluminum must be either powder coated or anodized to prevent oxidation. Mill finished aluminum surfaces will oxidize over a long period of time.

Aluminum can be water stained easily. If the protective finish, or the bright finish as it is delivered from the mill is to be retained, proper storage of the material is suggested Aluminum can corrode quickly if suitable precautions against electrolysis are not taken and maintained.

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